Testimonials from Members of The Circle

While the quality of operations is essential (and I’ve never seen a ‘back office’ anywhere run so smoothly and effectively), it really comes down to the people, as a family of colleagues, and the genuine enthusiasm they share for the company, their clients, and travel in general.

In short, I am given all the independence I require, I get all the support I could hope for, and it’s a genuine joy to visit the office as well.”
— Roger Kershaw
This entire team has afforded me the opportunity to grow, make changes and take new risks and challenges in my life that I never would have imagined were ever possible.

The success and happiness of this team is of very high value to me. I acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated contribution that so many members have made. It makes a difference and it’s what makes TTI a special organization.”
— Jonathan McCready

I have been working as an IC with TTI for almost 25 years! I do believe I was of the first ICs to join TTI. I have been privileged to watched this agency grow and flourish throughout the years.

My analogy of TTI would be: I’m a part of a family that I do not have to always see.I have a wonderful group of people who work with me and assist me if I need it. I know they are there for me and they give me the freedom to do what I do best. This is the best kind of family because it comes with no PRESSURE or GUILT!

I suspect I’ll end up retiring with TTI… so, I guess when Rocky retires… so will I…
— Jenny Vaginshtein
I have been with Away by TTI as an IC for 6 months now. I was a little hesitant to leave my previous company as I was still so new to the travel industry (in it for 2 1/2 years now), but felt like the Circle could offer me and my clients so much more.

I have not looked back for one moment - it was clearly the best move for me and I love the team that I work so closely with. The support has been invaluable. All my clients may not be truly ‘high end to the Virtuoso level’ but the ones that are have been able to reap the benefits that I can provide for them. I am truly proud to be part of such a distinguished agency that clearly has built a very strong reputation in the travel industry.
— Erica Tu


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