The Inside Scoop: Chayote is a Place That Makes You Feel at Peace

Interview with Susan Foster, Away by TTI Travel Advisor

When travel is your life’s work and you are fortunate to be able to explore the world, it is the places that make you feel at peace with yourself and the world, that call your name. It is enjoying these perfect moments when you know, only few have travelled here, that you truly feel at home.

Chayote Lodge, with its twelve private bungalows, offers a perfect combination of modern comfort and rustic elegance, all with breathtaking views and the most amazing sunrise seen anywhere in the world.

Located in Costa Rica’s central valley cloud forest and only 50 min from San Jose airport,  Chayote Lodge is the perfect starting point to discover the natural parks, rivers and waterfalls, local villages and volcanoes.  As Costa Rica’s prime coffee region, it is the ideal area to learn all about the life cycle of the coffee plant and how your morning coffee is produced. Arrive in time for your first sunset and dinner inspired by regional fare and traditional cooking. Wake up the next day with the sunrise surrounded by coffee plants and beautiful gardens.

Chayote Lodge is also the best place to end your journey with a final day sitting quietly on your private deck, sipping fresh coffee and listening to the sounds of nature all around you.

This is one place I would continue to visit.  Friendly people, local food, fresh air and stunning scenery as far as the eye can see.

Photo courtesy of Chayote Lodge