Valerie is an explorer and experiential traveler, having visited 44 countries and 201 cities across 4 continents. Among her amazing adventures around the world are: rafting the Pagsanjan Falls in the Philippines; sailing the Greek Cyclades; exploring the vineyards of South Africa; basking in the romance of Positano and meandering the rice fields and the Valley of the Kings in Bali.

Valerie’s wide-ranging journeys have spanned first class flight cabins and five star hotels to off-the-beaten-path, unscheduled backpacking adventures with unique home-stays that allow her to live locally.   She appreciates the value of each experience, for at all levels of simplicity or luxury are the hidden gems of life.

Valerie – in addition to being a personal travel advisor with TTI – also owns and manages a luxury residential rental firm, Forbes Property Management in Ottawa, Canada.  Joining TTI is a natural evolution for Valerie as it allows her to complete her portfolio of services and bring her exacting customer service standards to you, the intrepid traveler. Steadfast in her belief that life is about the experience, great care will be taken to make sure your travels are delightful, from your first point of contact to your return home. Reach out to Valerie today to begin creating your next memorable itinerary!

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