Lina has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure.  A few of her favourite destinations are: Austria, Chile, Egypt, France, Greece, Iceland, India, Italy, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.  Lina has also travelled extensively within Canada, the United States and much of the Caribbean.

Lina loves to enjoy local cuisine, dabble in language learning, and search out incredible natural landscape beauty.  She has visited the ancient Grand Amphitheatre of Ephesus, Turkey, where Cleopatra and Marc Antony were entertained, and has enjoyed wine tasting in Elqui Valley, Chile.  She has been awed by the architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain and has gone off-roading in remote areas of Costa Rica in search of adventure and unique wildlife.    A favourite travel memory was watching Andean condors soaring overhead while colossal ice formations calved off the Perito Merino glacier in Argentina.

Lina thrives on creating extraordinary travel experiences for her clients.  She designs personalized itineraries that are tailored to make dreams come true; carefully crafted to bond travelers together and create lifetime memories.  Lina intently listens to your travel aspirations, hobbies and interests, and constructs an itinerary unique to you and your fellow travelers.  The feedback you provide, enables Lina to fine-tune your vacation, and ensure your delight with the itinerary.

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