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I transferred my business to TTI Travel when it became apparent to me that TTI's philosophy and appeal was a perfect match to my own. Smaller, personal, passionate, dedicated, flexible—but with the essential affiliations that my clients require: Virtuoso for the luxury leisure traveller, and BCD for the corporate executive.

TTI is also a preferred supplier with many of the properties and suppliers that my clients use, providing a higher level of service and satisfaction, along with a higher compensation potential. And while the quality of operations is essential (and I've never seen a 'back office' anywhere run so smoothly and effectively), it really comes down to the people, as a family of colleagues, and the genuine enthusiasm they share for the company, their clients, and travel in general.

In short, I am given all the independence I require, I get all the support I could hope for, and it's a genuine joy to visit the office as well.”

- Roger Kershaw -