Alicia feels she has been blessed to be able to travel to so many wonderful destinations. Whether it be hiking in the Peruvian Amazon, snorkeling with sea lions and giant marine turtles in the Galapagos Islands or joining a local  Tai Chi class in Lupini Park, Thailand, each travel experience has been unforgettable.


Alicia believes that each travel request is an opportunity to allow her clients to experience something new and exciting that will leave them with memories to last a lifetime.  With her focus turning to Wellness Travel, she is learning more with many wellness opportunities opening up. She has written an article on Solo Wellness Travel for an online Wellness Travel magazine called Wander. You can find Alicia’s article on Page 57-

Although Alicia puts together customized travel itineraries for her clients she isn’t afraid to “wing it” herself!  She once backpacked in Europe for 3 months with no real plan of where she would go or stay.  She ended up sleeping on a park bench one night in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls! However, ask her today and she’ll tell you that she was lucky to have a bench… most people were sleeping on the ground in the streets!

Although she’s very well travelled and has been crossing off bucket list trips,  Alicia has many destinations left as the list tends to get longer and longer – The World is a big place!  They include an African Safari, Egypt, a cruise down the Nile, the Artic Flowedge,  … ok ok, we get it; she loves travel!