Your Travel Career with TTI Canada

Being a part of The Circle allows you to propel your independent travel business to a new level of shared success.


What our ICs are saying

As a small agency owner based in Vancouver joining TTI with their strong position in the industry provided my advisors with the optimum tools to grow their business successfully while maintaining our own identity as Fernweh Travel. With TTI being a member of Virtuoso , BCD and numerous preferred partner programs we are able to earn maximum revenue and provide added value to the experiences we create for our clients.

Rocky and his dedicated team have designed a network that provides advisors with the support and education so vital to our success and as TTI continues to expand across Canada their personal touch and passion for what we do continues to keep us connected and inspired.


My company and team moved to TTI four years ago and it is the best decision we made.    I am a corporate agent with 30+ years experience.  We needed a host agency that has offices all over the country, is Virtuoso, COE, professional and an unexpected but very good bonus – TTI is the only Canadian affiliate of BCD.   Although the head office is in Toronto and I am in B.C. I do feel part of the team and am included in everything that is going on.  I may be far away…but that does not deter the authentic connections.

The back office support is superlative - the Air Desk, the GDS desk, our dedicated assistants and the senior management – all have been without hesitation knowledgeable, very helpful and a joy to work with.    I appreciate the client appreciation evenings, the expert help with online booking engines, the investment in the latest technology and the weekly Town Hall during this difficult time is so important.    We could not have made a better choice!


“From the start of my journey with TTI, two years ago until today, I am absolutely confident I made the right decision in joining this amazing team.  Any apprehension I had in starting a new footprint as an independent consultant in Alberta with a head office in Toronto were quickly dismissed.

The communication, support and relationships that I have experienced, particularly in this challenging environment of the past year for our industry, has been outstanding!   Collectively, we have taken this time to grow stronger and I am excited to continue to be a part of the TTI team.”


Building my career in travel for the last 43 years, 25 of which have been spent as an independent agent with Travel Trust International (TTI). The first half of my career afforded me with the ability to build my book of business, which not only supported my transition to working independently, but my decades of experiences mean I have an excellent understanding of what to look for in a supportive travel company, which is TTI.

They provide you with the autonomy to operate your book of business in a way that best serves your clients while proving the necessary resources to set you up for success.


“Having worked for a major Canadian travel retailer for over 30 years, I was very hesitant to make the move to becoming an Independent Contractor. After considering several Host Agencies, I found T.T.I. to be the most accommodating to my needs.  To go from being a number without a voice to being an appreciated and supported individual made all the difference in the world.  Not to mention, having complete independence while doubling my take home in just 2 years.  My only regret?  I didn’t do it sooner!”


When I joined TTI Travel in 2002,  it was a small, successful, family-run business. It remains a prominent agency and although it has expanded greatly since I joined, the ‘family’ aspect has been maintained, and I continue to be supported as a valued member.  In turn, I am able to provide my clients with the added benefits of being with such a supportive, reputable agency.

The travel industry has weathered many challenges over the years, and I feel the tag-line for our current crisis has been TTI’s motto throughout them all:  “We’re in it Together”.


While the quality of operations is essential (and I’ve never seen a ‘back office’ anywhere run so smoothly and effectively), it really comes down to the people, as a family of colleagues, and the genuine enthusiasm they share for the company, their clients, and travel in general.

In short, I am given all the independence I require, I get all the support I could hope for, and it’s a genuine joy to visit the office as well.”

This entire team has afforded me the opportunity to grow, make changes and take new risks and challenges in my life that I never would have imagined were ever possible.

The success and happiness of this team is of very high value to me. I acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated contribution that so many members have made. It makes a difference and it’s what makes TTI a special organization.”

I have been working as an IC with TTI for almost 30years! I was the first IC to arrive at TTI even though back then we did not really have a title for it. I have been privileged to watch this agency grow and flourish throughout the years. From those days on Sheppard when we would issue automated tickets and Rocky’s father Vince would drive downtown multiple times a day delivering them.  He was loving known as “S.D. super driver” because he could get anywhere FAST and make sure there were no delays. With NO cell phones or GPS how he did it, we do not know! Elena, Rocky’s mother was in the office making sure we didn’t chat too much and stayed on track!

Working from home for the last 23 years – has given me the freedom to work at my pace yet knowing I have a whole team behind me. They are there to assist me at anytime and this gives me the confidence and peace of mind to do what I do best and know that I am a part of something bigger. TTI is a part of major affiliations and credentials and each and everyone of them benefits us and our clients.  I’m lucky to be working with individuals that come with so much knowledge, experience and genuine kindness.   I suspect I’ll end up retiring with TTI… so, I guess when Rocky retires… so will I…


I have been with Away by TTI as an IC for 6 months now. I was a little hesitant to leave my previous company as I was still so new to the travel industry (in it for 2 1/2 years now), but felt like the Circle could offer me and my clients so much more.

I have not looked back for one moment - it was clearly the best move for me and I love the team that I work so closely with. The support has been invaluable. All my clients may not be truly ‘high end to the Virtuoso level’ but the ones that are have been able to reap the benefits that I can provide for them. I am truly proud to be part of such a distinguished agency that clearly has built a very strong reputation in the travel industry.

TTI Travel is one of only seven Canadian agencies in Virtuoso, a “by invitation only” association of the world’s top luxury leisure travel agencies. Through Virtuoso, we have access to preferential rates and service from some of the world’s top luxury travel brands.

TTI is the only Canadian affiliate of BCD Travel, the third-largest travel management company in the industry. This relationship allows us to leverage BCD Travel’s volume in supplier negotiations on behalf of our clients.