CONCUR CLIENTS – How to access your profile

Effective November 2022, travellers will create/maintain all profile data and details directly in Concur. To keep profile data seamless and accurate, there will no longer be a 3rd party profile tool. This move to Concur will alleviate any discrepancies between Concur and GDS booking systems going forward. 

USERNAME: [your work email address] (example: 

PASSWORD: If you are a first-time user of Concur and you don't already have a password for Concur, OR if you can't recall what your password is, Click the "Forgot password?" link on the next screen.

On the Forgot Password screen, verify that your USERNAME is entered correctly, and click “Send”. SAP Concur will send you an email that will enable you to set/reset your password. It is recommended that passwords be 7-8 characters, containing at least one Capital letter and at least one numeral. 

TO ACCESS YOUR PROFILE:  Click on the Profile tab in the upper right-hand corner of the Home page, then click on “Profile Settings”, and click on "Personal Information" from the Profile Options menu.

NOTES: Advise us immediately if a name correction in your profile is required. Per TSA policy, your First, Middle, and Last names in your travel profile, and hence on your airline tickets, must be identical to the names on the Government-issued ID that will be presented at airport security checkpoints.

If you have not already, you must enter your Gender & Date of Birth, and Phone numbers - Work, Home, and especially Mobile.

After you have entered and saved your personal information in your travel profile, you will then be ready to make travel reservations.

If you have any difficulty or questions about the SAP Concur Travel tool, please feel free to contact us for help:

~ Online Support Team

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm ET