Life Experience & Travel Plan

Set a compass for the places you want to see and the things you want to experience – with the right people, at the right time in your lives


With a Life Experience and Travel Plan (LETP), resolve to realize each of your travel dreams.

Connect with your Away by TTI Travel Advisor to organise the destinations on your bucket list – and start checking them off! Be a groundbreaking traveller as you explore the world’s newest unique offerings. We will help you get everywhere you want to go.

Extraordinary places. The right time. Your dreams realized.


Collaborate with your Advisor to create the outline of your future travel.   

The LETP is about meaningful experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime. We help you plan your travel with purpose – making your dreams a reality, and celebrating life’s milestones through travel. 

As lists of ‘Places to See’ start feeding your wanderlust, your Advisor will curate the selection that is best for you and balance your vacation dates, wish list and budget to come up with the ideal travel schedule.


Make this the year your travel plans all come together.