Dane is a worldly soul—he has lived in Sri Lanka and Dubai, and his list of destinations travelled is extensive…India, Singapore, Maldives, China, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, Cyprus, most of Europe, Brazil, Argentina, most of the Caribbean…the list goes on.

Among his most memorable trips was an expedition cruise from Ushiua to Punta Arenas, and searching for Santa Claus in the remote Artic Circle of Finland where he embraced the opportunity to see the untouched side of nature, the abundance of unique marine life, and lifestyles of the nomads.

He hasn’t been to space yet, but he hopes to add that to his list someday too!

Dane knew he wanted to be a travel advisor at a young age. He comes from a family deeply rooted in the travel business and has always had a deep personal alliance to mix and mingle with unique cultures. On the top of his bucket list is a trip to the Mongolian Desert and he says that although he used to thrive on travelling stand-by with little to no money just to get to that next destination, those days are far behind him now as he prefers to plan in advance.

Dane gets his clients well Away, arranging highly personalized itineraries which often include high-end adventure travel, and he enjoys arranging the little special extras—upgrades, added amenities, and the best deals on airfare. He doesn’t have a particular favorite destination to plan but rather loves the entire process behind it – from educating clients and providing guidance to hearing all about their post holiday adventures!

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