This business of mine is definitely an exciting journey. I began 6 years ago and have fell in love with my job.

It began as a small part time gig because I had been booking travel for family and friends and wanted to expand this into a business. I have been so fortunate that it has blossomed and evolved into a wonderful full time job of mine. I am not a Travel Agent, I am very much a Travel Advisor – what is the difference? I am advising my clients, based on my expertise, my knowledge and relationships on the best places for them to travel to, to stay, to tour and everything is based on each individual client. We all have different expectations for travel and what time away from work and family means. So I try my very best to make each trip special and seamless for my clients.

I get asked the question a lot of my favourite destination. I don’t think I have one as they are all so diverse and offer different experiences. I lived in Copenhagen for 3 years and traveled throughout Europe and I would go back in a heart beat. I love Europe, the different cultures, the food, the sites, the way everything is a bit slower so you can enjoy life a bit better. I have traveled to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and would highly recommend that for my clients as it is a remarkable experience. I have traveled to most of the Caribbean islands and St Lucia is my favourite thus far. I have quite the bucket list of places to visit; Iceland, Alaska, Africa (have not decided where….so many places), Prague, Turkey, Wyoming (yes, it is a bit different, but looks incredible), all of Italy! My list could go on and on. As my daughters get older, it is becoming easier for me to travel a bit more on my own and I hope to be jetting off in second half of 2019 - to where....stay tuned! Contact Erica directly.