Through the eyes of bespoke travel designer Marie-France Gravel (MF, preferably), the world thrives with endless possibility. A multilingual, 15-year veteran of the luxury and adventure travel industry, she has a deep appreciation of how to create superlative travel experiences. An inveterate globetrotter by nature, her professional background combines outdoor education, extensive guiding of groups to far-flung destinations, and many years devoted to promoting and designing highly personalized luxury travel itineraries for an exclusive clientele through some of the industry’s most respected operations.

MF has a natural-born passion for crafting exceptional travel itineraries that are designed to appeal to your specific tastes, interests and style. She draws on the extensive contacts that she has nurtured through the years within all realms of the travel industry – from upscale accommodations and airlines, to tour companies, professional guides and local experts who know all the roads less travelled. From singular adventures to culinary sensations to lavish accommodations and all the remarkable diversions and delights along the way, when MF designs a trip it’s not just about where you go, it’s about living the experience to the fullest.

So as you embark on the next great journey in your life, consider taking the first step in this direction. Let Marie-France Gravel create the authentic, the unforgettable, the once-in-a-lifetime… until, that is, you plan your next trip with her.