My love of travel goes back a long way…. the more I travel,  I am further enlightened on how small this world really is and yet how much more there is to explore.

This original passion had me assisting family and friends with their travel and has evolved into being part of creating travel experiences as a career!  There is no better compliment than when my clients refer others based on my thoughtful, personal approach to planning, guidance and knowledge of destinations.


My travels have taken me by land and sea across Europe, Iceland, Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America and the Caribbean which provides me the ability to share intimate knowledge of these locations.  I love exploring Europe, the history, the pace….the food!  So fortunate to travel to many amazing, life changing destinations……Africa, Israel…the list goes on!

Our time is precious and I view myself as being very fortunate in playing an integral role in dreaming and planning memorable vacation experiences.