Vince started travelling as a young child.  His parents had a passion for travel and he has followed in their footsteps.  In 1986 he made it professionally official by joining the travel industry; he started off as a corporate advisor and 10 years ago turned to leisure travel and it is here that Vince found his calling – having the opportunity to provide clients with lifelong memories through travel.  No itinerary is too small or too big, what is important to Vince is that the trip speaks to the client and that it is executed to unfold exactly as planned.

Vince’s own travels have included Europe (many times), Africa, Mexico, Cuba,  Hawaii, Tahiti,  and the United States.

On his bucket list?  Finland, Norway, and Iceland…..he has his tickets in hand for Iceland this Summer.

Vince loves being outdoors, especially skiing and hiking, and he is happiest when any activity is spent with his family and pooch.





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