Air Passenger Protection Regulations

Here is a helpful summary on the new Air passenger protection regulations re: denied boarding, delays, cancellations and lost/damaged baggage:

Q1. Why has the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) developed these proposed regulations?

New provisions of the Canada Transportation Act, which were added by the Transportation Modernization Act, mandated that the CTA develop air passenger protection regulations setting out airlines’ obligations with respect to communication with passengers, flight delays and cancellations, denied boarding, tarmac delays, the seating of children under 14 with a parent or guardian, lost or damaged baggage, and the transportation of musical instruments.

For most of these categories, the law states that the regulations should prescribe minimum standards of treatment. For several (flight delays, cancellations and denied boarding that are within the airline’s control and not required for safety reasons, and lost or damaged baggage), the law also entitles passengers to minimum levels of compensation.

The CTA identified four principles to guide the development of the new air passenger protection regime: clarity, transparency, fairness, and consistency.