The Most Meaningful Gift of All: Travel

Someone once said, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Wise words. This season, give yourself and your loved ones the gift of rich experiences. Whether to relax, escape or explore… with family, friends or solo. Away by TTI Travel has the perfect experience for your holidays or for that special gift. 

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By Rail, River, and Sea

Rail journeys through breathtaking landscapes. Peace and tranquillity on little-known waters. Scenic, exhilarating ferry crossings. Signature Event Sailings.

Away by TTI Travel invites you on original voyages that will open your eyes & hearts to this incredible world around us.

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Trails of the World

The world is woven with all sorts of roads. Some are created by humans; others, by nature. This summer, Away was inspired by trails that are off the beaten track: a Whisky trail, an Ancient Roman stone highway, a wildlife migration path, an Indian spice route, and a modern art trail. Follow our footsteps to see where we land next.

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