TTI Travel Survey Results – Thank You for Your Feedback

We were very pleased with the response rate and feedback received from you, our valued clients, on your current thoughts on travel.   

We  would also like to thank you for all of your special mentions of our Travel Advisors.  We pride ourselves on our services and especially in these unprecedented times, your acknowledgement of our Travel Advisors’ service means a great deal to them and all of us at TTI.    

To share highlights of the survey with you:

  • Over all when travel restrictions are lifted:
    • 52% of our clients are comfortable travelling within Canada by car as soon as this summer. 22% will wait for this fall, 17% will wait for this winter, and 9% will wait for a vaccine.
    • 18% of our clients are comfortable travelling within Canada by air as soon as this summer. 28% will wait for this fall, 39% for this winter, and 15% will wait for a vaccine.
    • 6% of our clients are comfortable travelling outside of Canada as soon as this summer, 26% will wait for this fall, 32%  for this winter,  10% for next summer, and 26% will wait for a vaccine.
  • Safeguarding your loved ones is of the greatest importance. You need to be assured that wherever you choose to travel that all efforts are made to ensure the health and safety of your family and friends is protected.

In this regard, we continue to closely monitor the situation and want to assure you that:

  • You are making travel related decisions based on accurate and reliable information. We are ensuring we are up to date with new health and safety policies from our partners and referring only to official resources for advisories from the Government of Canada and destination governments.
  • We are ready for your return.  Our Travel Advisors are maximizing every opportunity to participate in training sessions provided by our travel partners to learn about all of the new health & safety measures that have been put in place to safeguard your travels.
  • Our travel partners are ready for your return.  Airlines, hoteliers, cruise lines, tour operators, ground handlers, etc. are ensuring that protocols are in place that ensure your health and safety every step of the way and that these include new measures to provide the personal touches that make your experience unique to you.   
  • We are protecting your travel dollars. Our Travel Advisors continue to monitor your future travel credits and are working with our Travel Partners to ensure your travel funds are protected until you are ready to travel.  Our partners continue to be flexible with policies on new bookings, realizing things are still fluid, they want you to have peace of mind with your decisions. 
  • We are taking added precautions. We have invested in creating an automated process that will enable us to advise you in case you have travelled on an airline or cruise line that the Canadian Government has reported as being affected with cases of COVID.

We believe travel is a part of the human spirit and craves experiences only a ‘Life Well Travelled’ can fulfil.  We look forward to having you explore and enjoy the world with us again. 

We encourage you to stay connected with your Personal Travel Advisor.  Wherever you are ready to travel to and whenever is the right time for you, together you can select an itinerary and date that you are both comfortable with.  Together you can create your next memorable experience.