The Inside Scoop: River Cruising The Rhine, Swiss Alps & Amsterdam-Southbound

Interview with Doug Musgrave, Away by TTI Travel Advisor

Why did you choose the destination?

This destination has always been a favorite for us. We love the charm, history, architecture and people of Europe. The serenity of Amsterdam with the canals, flowers and seeing everyone on bicycles is enchanting. Cruising down the river is the best way to see Europe. There is no packing and unpacking and one can totally relax. When you travel with TAUCK, everything is done for you, totally seamless, discrete and prima class.

Tell us about your Itinerary:

Our itinerary included 4 countries, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. We docked our boat at Koln (Cologne)/Engelskirchen, Rudesheim, Karisruhe/Stuttgart, Colmar/Breisach, and Basel. We then visited Lucerne and up the Jungfraujoch and stayed 2 nights in Bern at The Bellvue Palace. This was a wonderful and well planned itinerary.

What were the highlights of your experience?

A visit to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart. The original museum was opened in 1976 near the Porsche factory with rotating exhibits from a stock of 300 restored cars. Later they decided to upgrade and extend its museum next to the company headquarters. The new museum was opened in 2009. The building was designed as a bold statement; supported on just three columns, the museum’s dominant main structure seems to float above the ground.

Dinner and al fresco champagne reception at Schoss (or Castle) Ehreshoven, perfectly restored and currently inhabited by nobility. The Castle had been founded in 1164 by Archbishop Anno of Cologne. Ehreshoven was first mentioned in 1355 when it existed as a house or small castle.

The uncommonly beautiful and spacious glassed walk in shower and ample bathroom facility on the boat.

Riding the train up to the Jungfrau, from the very picturesque lowlands arriving to an exceptional snow capped view of “top of Europe” in July.

The assistance of 4 knowledgeable “director level” staff onboard who made the trip seamless, comfortable and friendly. A large portion of the guests were repeat travelers with TAUCK.

What was your most memorable experience?

The most memorable experience for us was the fact that everything was included. We were never asked to pay anything extra. We did not have to worry about tipping, drinking top brand spirits, eating the best meals in the finest surroundings, excursions, special events, transfers to and from the boat. TAUCK took care of everything.

What surprised you the most?

We were most surprised when we arrived in Amsterdam (2 days before the cruise started), after we passed security, there was the TAUCK representative waiting for us to take us in a private limo to our Hotel Pulitzer.

TAUCK is amazing and we are looking forward to our next TAUCK tour. In my experience, my clients have thoroughly enjoyed their excursions and are now TAUCK converts.

Photo courtesy of Doug Musgrave