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‘Health & Safety First’. The facts from official government resources and trusted travel partners for the most up to date information on safeguarding our client’ travels.


Government of Canada:

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Statement on Vouchers

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in domestic and international air travel.

For flight disruptions that are outside an airline's control, the Canada Transportation Act and Air Passenger Protection Regulations only require that the airline ensure passengers can complete their itineraries. Some airlines' tariffs provide for refunds in certain cases, but may have clauses that airlines believe relieve them of such obligations in force majeure situations.For full details please go to this link:

About Corona COVID–19 What you need to know.

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We have added Timatic COVID-19 Alerts to IATA's world-leading Timatic Solutions portfolio, to address the needs of the industry.

Timatic COVID-19 Alerts are push notifications sent to you by e-mail upon every single change on the COVID-19 restrictions.


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