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What Our Clients Are Saying

Tracy has planned the most memorable trips for us including a family reunion cruise to Alaska and a romantic trip to Italy for my husband and I. Our upcoming trip to Japan was proving to be no exception with amazing custom tours and a stay in a traditional Ryokan.  When COVID-19 forced us to cancel we were disappointed but Tracy looked after all the details securing refunds where possible and credits for future travel.  As always, Tracy handled everything and kept us in the loop the whole time.  We look forward to booking our next trip with her." -- C & S Duke

"The value of a knowledgeable and competent travel advisor has never been lost on us. Throughout our many years of travel, to diverse, unique and often remote locations, Susan Vandendam has provided us with exceptional value added service. Whether luxury or simple, the itineraries were carefully thought out and streamlined, executed professionally by tour operators, drivers, guides and all aspects of travel from door to door. Susan was always there for us for any last minute changes, troubleshooting and communication if required during our travels, and was curious upon our return.  Feedback helped her improve future service, and she followed up on any problems we may have experienced.

Fortunately we were home when Covid-19 shuttered world travel, however, it left us with three significant cruise bookings.  Susan was there for us, cheerfully and professionally, even though each cancellation effected her personal income.  She put our needs ahead of hers.  It is said that true value is found when the chips are down. Susan is invaluable.  We look forward to travelling in the future, and booking with Susan." -- Betty & Rod Wade

"We are a very fortunate family and had three wonderful trips planned for this spring. In the incredibly confusing and chaotic times of the early COVID crisis, our beloved travel agent Paulette Altilia  was a calm resource. Between the varying airlines and hotels having ever-changing and often contradictory cancellation and refund &/or credit policies, Paulette worked tirelessly to weed through the best options for her clients. It was relentless, confusing and mostly unpaid labour. We are forever in her debt and it is exactly at times like these, when the trips go haywire, that the professional services of our travel agent is priceless. We are chomping at the bit to rebook and Paulette will be our very first call." -- Megan Tate

"I have used my travel guru Paulette at ITT travel forever, and where ever I go I can always sleep at night knowing that someone at home has one eye open making sure I am safe and extremely well looked after.  However, this in during this unprecedented crazy times, Paulette and the team at ITT truly went above and beyond.  I actually had three trips book in March, April and May and was able to get airline credits and one refund and full refunds for all accommodations, all with no heavy lifting at my end.  Paulette always kept me in the loop as to how the cancellations were going and she even worked behind the scenes without my knowing to secure one airlines refund.  I know I will never travel without them.  Cheers to all and I can't wait until we are all back discovering new and exciting places." -- Kelly Hawkins

I want to thank you very much for your work planning and then cancelling our trip to England in June to watch the Euro Cup.  You were able to cancel the planes, hotels, dinner reservations and even the sedan service to the game. The most impressive feat was getting us a full refund for the football tickets that we bought from another source. We had very cent refunded.

You are a gem! -- Michael Castledine

“I have been drawing on the travel expertise of Helen Caulfield for several years now, and am always impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. When the COVID pandemic hit, Helen went above and beyond duty. She returned my call on a Saturday night, staying on the phone with me well past midnight to secure a flight out of Australia for my daughter. I was terrified my daughter would be stuck abroad, but Helen worked wonders expediting her safe trip home. My husband and I are forever grateful.” -- Toronto Client

Susan Vandendam has looked after our family travel needs for over 20 years and has provided excellent service throughout.

In visiting other cities and countries we have usually asked her to arrange local guide service and we have never been disappointed in the people she has selected in terms of their knowledge, courteousness, and care.

Occasionally problems arise and she has come to our aid whenever we have asked for it. For example, on a recent cruise to Alaska our ship experienced engine trouble which caused us to miss one port of call. On her own initiative, Susan contacted our insurance provider and arranged for a compensatory rebate of part of our fare because of the breakdown.

We also had 2 trips planned for2020 which were cancelled due to the Covid19 pandemic and she promptly contacted the cruise lines resulting in full refunds very quickly.

On numerous other trips she has given us excellent unbiased advice on the various destinations involved which I doubt could we could have obtained elsewhere.

Susan is a true professional and her knowledge, care and attention to detail have made for many exceptional touring experiences." -- Sydney McMorran